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can you extract me

from my plastic fantasy

22 March
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my journal is now - FRIENDS ONLY -, due to the fact that people whom i do not want reading my journal, are doing so. that and other reasons.

anyhoo. add me and comment, and ill most likely add u back, unless i deem u crazy or unworthy :D


theres moi ^ im shelly. i live in poypul ellyfant land where pigs go "oik"..(!)

powered by purple

interests// germany. shopping (ebay addiction!). my lovely lil 2CV. fake hair. music. clubs. vegaterianism / veganism. placebo. turkeys. poypul. brian molko. animal rights. all animals. my pets. chocolate. doing photography / art. girly-boys. monkeys. ellyfants. and my ickle fiance, (mr_nos), the cutest thing on 4 hooves!

pets// two horses, lotsa chickens, 3 turkeys, 3 dogs (lurcher AN 2 greyhoundS), 5 cats, 8 guinea-pigs, 2 rats + a hamster, lotsa fishies.

hates// body hair. most humans. real furr and anyone who wears it. vivisection. slaughtering / meat / dairy / factory / battery farming. fox-hunting. manliness or *macho* people. violence. realy loud people. bad days. bad hair days. being ill.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com PETA2.com

[PETA] - [Go-Veg]

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audio_input:..// i love music of lots of genres. electro. industrial. german industrial. goth. glam. ebm. 80's. darkwave. punk. synth pop. cyber.

my biggest & longest music obsession has to be ♥ PATRICK WOLF ♥

other bands i love very very much, almost as much as patrick wolf, are.... placebo, the kills, dead weather, goteki / sneaky bat machine, the dresden dolls, cinema strange, glampire, das ich, ladytron, silence is sexy, goldfrapp, gwen stefani/no doubt, psyche, s.p.o.c.k., london after midnight, alien sex fiend, angels and agony, malice mizer, seabound, switchblade symphony, the cure, velvet acid christ,funker vogt, depeche mode, felix da housecat,oomph!, hocico, thelosthighway, flesh field, culture kultur, psyche, gary numan, orgy, david bowie, bauhaus, jack off jill, marilyn manson, needle sharing, nine inch nails, psychophile, rachel stamp, razed in black, sheep on drugs, skinny puppy, snake river conspiracy, soft cell........millions more...

film_tv:..// at the moment true blood :-) lost, velvet goldmine, hedwig and the angry inch, priscilla queen of the desert, party monster, queer as folk, fear and loathing in las vegas, the leauge of gentlemen, SAW, the mighty boosh, peep show, monkey dust, charlie and the chocolate factory, invader zim, the mechanist, secret window, edward scissorhands, poohs heffalump movie.


Adopt your own useless blob!

-Beat me, bite me-
-Feed me, spite me-
-Bruised and bleeding-
---Always needing---

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls the whole world would be vegetarian." - Linda McCartney.


Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal. ~Ingrid Newkirk, National Director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.
- On Civil Disobedience

i cant sleep without your breathing, and i cant breathe each time you're leaving.

J'adore detester, je suis en hiver...

and before you ask. yes. it means - PURPLE -.

androgyny, androids, angels and agony, animal rights, anything thats poypul, art, bleepy music, brian molko, bubbles, camden, candyfloss, chains on velvet, cinema strange, circuitboards, citroen 2cv, corsetry, cyber, cyber boys, cyber falls, cyber fashion, cyberdog, cybergoth, cyborgs, das ich, depeche mode, djing, dolls, drag queens, drawn-on-eyebrows, dreads, ebm, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fairys, fake eyelashes, fake furr, falls, farleys rusks, fashion, femminine males, fishnet, fluff, fluffy things, foam, full tilt, gary numan, german industrial, gigs, glampire, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, goggles, goteki, guitar, h.r giger, hair extensions, hairdye, happy tree friends, having my undercut stroked, hocico, hugs, industrial, invader zim, jasper, jelly, ladyboys, ladytron, lazers, leauge of gentlemen, little britain, london, london after midnight, make-up, makeup, malice mizer, miss kitten, monkeys, more hugs, muted logic, my friends, nail varnish, nancyboys, nature, needle sharing, nin, nine inch nails, no eyebrows, noize, online friends, pagan, pale skin, parma violets, party monster, photography, piercings, pinstripe, placebo, plastic hair, plastik, platform boots, pleistoscene, poppy z brite, poypul, poypul ellyfants, poypul fluff, poypul munkys, poypul people, pretty bois, pretty grrls, psychophile, purple, pvc, pzycho bitch, queer as folk, razed in black, rexlace, robots, s.p.o.c.k., sheep on drugs, shopping, silence is sexy, slimelight, sneaky bat machine, snow, snuggling, soft cell, spank, stars, stompy boots, storms, sulphur, synth pop, synthetic, synthetic dreads, synthetic hair, the cure, the mighty boosh, toy guns, tubes, turkeys, undercuts, uv, vegan, vegetarian, velvet acid christ, velvet goldmine, vnv nation, vodka, wumpscut,